OTT service provider


Viu is an OTT service focusing on Asian video entertainment, which had launched in serval Southeast Asia countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines.

My role

1. Web UI design of the first version
2. Responsible for both app and web user flow


For the web part, as it was a kick-start product, the focus was primarily on UI design. Being new to the industry, the most challenging aspect was acquiring the necessary skills and becoming proficient in software usage—particularly during the Photoshop era when Sketch, Figma, or XD were not yet available.

However, this experience provided valuable lessons and knowledge for my career. I gained insights into concepts such as Atomic design, modulization, and standardization, which greatly benefitted my layout design work and facilitated better alignment with developers. Although Photoshop lacked specific functions for component reuse, I was able to incorporate the idea into my workflow and collaborate effectively with developers.
Home page and video page
In the app user flow aspect, the most challenging tasks typically revolve around payment, subscription, and redemption processes. Apart from ensuring security, dealing with payment restrictions imposed by the operating system (OS) platform is also a crucial consideration. This becomes particularly important when the product needs to cater to countries where digital payment methods are not widely adopted.

For instance, in the Philippines market during 2015-2016, top-up cards were commonly used instead of digital payment or subscription plans. Adapting the user flow to accommodate such payment methods and providing a seamless experience for users becomes a significant challenge in these scenarios.
Example of redemption flow and in-app purchase flow