Viu is an OTT service focusing on Asian video entertainment, which had launched in serval Southeast Asia countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines.

Local OTT service provider
My role
1. Web UI design of the first version
2. Responsible for both app and web user flow


For the web part, as it was a kick-start product, it more likely tends to be a UI dominion task. Since I was a newbie to the industry, the challenging part would be skill and software usage. (Photoshop era, not Sketch/ Figma / XD yet) What I learned from the task are Atomic design concept, modulization, and standardization which were fruitful for my career knowledge when planning layout design work, and easier to align with developers.(I was thinking about component re-use when using photoshop, but it couldn't provide me this function.)
Main page and video page
For the app user flow part, the most challenging stuff should be the flows that related to payment/ subscription/ redemption. Apart from security, payment restriction from the OS platform is also a consideration, especially when the product needs to be located in countries that are not familiar with digital payment. For example, Philippines market tend to use top-up cards instead of digital payment/ subscription plan in 2015-2016.
Example of redemption flow and IAP flow