Back and think about the old day


This project is co-operated with the Southern District Council, aimed to promote the Southern District Literary Trail. The trail is formed by historical locations/ footprints that related to 5 of the remarkable figures in contemporary Chinese literature circle. Cai Yuanpei, a well-known Chinese educator, and president of Peking University. His grave is one of the tourist attractions on the trail.
A landmark, sundial sculpture is installed to the tourist attraction, which pays tribute to his attitude towards time and self evaluation.
2. Retrieve and describe the memory 
A memory (photo) is retrieved from the bundled social platform/ device library according to the time reading from the previous step. Assign a mood and comment to the memory, and saves it.
3. Mood landscape
After serval times of memory save, those life moments would be plotted on a timeline, and eventually form a holistic mood landscape for the user. Besides the personal timeline, another one is for the public, which had collected memories from others (optional) to co-create a holistic mood view based on the public/ society.


The app is designed to represent the sundial sculpture, which extended and accomplished the idea.

Participatory  Workshop

A participatory workshop with 6 participants had been conducted for the project before the feature was confirmed, aimed to test the suggested feature approaches in reality before entering the prototype stage. During the workshop, we had observed their mood and engagement throughout different approaches.
In order to choose an approach, considerations for the judgment are listed as follow:
User scenario of the app.