PRC Political Database


As per the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, HK01 has decided to launch an educational informational website. The primary objective of the website is to provide insights into the structure, relationships, history, and articles of the People's Republic of China (PRC) through the use of infographics and charts.

Product Highlights

1. Relationship chart

The size of the dots on the website represents the rank of the character, and the lines connecting the dots indicate their relationships with other individuals. When clicking on the groups/clusters in the left-hand side menu, the related dots will gather together to represent the corresponding group members.

2. Leader’s Profile

Each leader has their personal profile page, which can be accessed through a name tag located on the entire website. The profile consists of three sections: basic information, career path, and biography. The career section visualizes the individual's entire career path, accompanied by a brief description of their age and title.

3. Hierarchy chart

A chart depicting the powers, departments, and offices of the PRC has been created. The chart utilizes a tree structure to showcase the hierarchy, with dotted and curved lines indicating indirect or hidden linkages between departments.
Understanding the relationships within the chart can be challenging, as it reveals that certain small offices or groups may possess higher political positions and power compared to their parent departments. Additionally, some offices may experience a cross-power situation, further complicating the dynamics depicted in the chart.

4. Region information

The map displays the geographical administrative regions, providing descriptions and demographic information for each region, such as population, GDP, and more. The color of the provinces represents the sorting order based on the selected criteria from the filter on the left-hand side. Additionally, the map offers a view of the theater commands of the People's Liberation Army.

5. PRC Timeline

A timeline is utilized to illustrate the history of the PRC, providing visitors with a holistic view. Each historical event card within the timeline guides readers to corresponding photographs and stories, offering a comprehensive historical lesson that enriches their knowledge and understanding.


The most challenging aspects of the project involve understanding the complex and hidden structure and relationships within the PRC, as well as effectively communicating and collaborating with journalists. The intricate and illogical nature of the PRC's structure makes it difficult to present the information through infographics. Additionally, as a product designer without a project manager, I was responsible for educating journalists on sustainable product concepts, such as component-based design, information architecture, and UI knowledge, while also managing expectations.