As per the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, HK01 had decided to launch an informational website for introducing the structure, relationship, history, and article of PRC.


The most challenging part of the project is understanding the context. As the structure and relationship in PRC Government are complicated, hidden, and illogical, I had spent tons of time doing cross-team PRC lessons learning from journalists.

PRC Political Database

Relationship chart ⬆
The size of the dots represents the rank of the character, with lines connecting to other dots showing the relationship with other people. When pressing the groups on the left-hand side menu, related dots would form together represent the corresponding group members.
Leader’s Profile ⬆
Each leader has his personal profile page, which could be directed in from name tag that located on the entire website. The profile includes three sections, basic information, career path, and biography. The career section shows the path of the person, which visualise the entire career, with a brief description of the age and the title.
Hierarchy chart ⬆
Chart of PRC powers, departments and office. Tree chart had been applied to show the hierarchy while there is also some dotted and curve line to indicate the indirect, hidden linkage between departments.'

The challenging part is to understand those relationships, for example, some tiny office or groups actually have a higher political position than their parent department, and some of the offices have a cross-power situation.
Region information ⬆
The map shows the geographical administrative regions, with description and demographic information of the region, including population, GDP, etc. Colour of those provinces represents the sorting order based on the picked criteria of the filter on the left-hand side. The map also provides the view of theater commands of the People's Liberation Army.
Timeline ⬆
A timeline to illustrate the history of PRC, which gives a holistic view to visitors. Each historical event card would guide readers to corresponding photographs and story, providing a fruitful historical lesson to them, which enrich their knowledge.