Jove EV Charging Platform
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Look for seamless EV charging experience


An EV charging platform owned by MTR Lab with a vision as a central hub for EV chargers from different providers. In addition to a central hub, to streamline the EV charging experience is another vision of the platform.

Target user

Hong Kong based EV drivers

My Role

1. Pioneer for the UI development and product architecture
2. Conduct product and UX research and participate in product feature planning
3. Provide overall visual suggestion (direction) and visual assets such as illustrations and animations
5. Participate in offline print material such as T-shirt and backdrop


We conduct vary types of research on different purposes.
We distribute questionnaires to relevant social groups to gather feedback for our study and screening purposes. The questionnaire used was designed to investigate the concerns of EV drivers when charging their vehicles, which helped prioritize product features and direction.
We frequently conduct shadowing and user interviews, particularly when a new charging venue is launched. This process begins with observing how users utilize Jove, understanding their intentions behind selecting a charging spot, asking about their concerns, and engaging in casual conversation to uncover any cues regarding their ideal charging experience.
We found that nearly 100% of users connect/plug the connector immediately after parking their vehicle at the charging spot, instead of taking out their phone and launching the app. To align with actual user behavior and avoid any misunderstandings, we have made a slight change to the copywriting: instead of asking users to connect, we now suggest that they ensure the connection is built.
Field investigation plays a vital role in this domain. Given that Jove serves as a hub for a variety of chargers, conducting a pre-launch visit becomes essential to understand the charger specifications, the car park environment, and other relevant factors. These insights inform the development of supporting materials such as guidelines, backdrops, etc.
We embedded a CSAT form after the user completes their core task on the app, namely, EV charging. The findings not only prove useful for usability evaluation but also influence the allocation of business resources. As an example, in the case of Jove, most users expressed concerns about charging speed, customer support, and pricing. Consequently, the business team is requesting the introduction of more fast-speed DC chargers, while the product team has planned to expand the operational staff headcount.