"巨子 ICON" is a media service that provides news and information about the finance market. The ultimate product goal is to be an information platform that helps users to make investment decisions, or even making profit.


Finance media platform

Phase 1

My role
1. Pioneer for the UI development, product structure, flow, design opts, etc.
2. Research and propose suggestion on product direction
3. Mentorship
As this is a new product line with limited resources and a tight timeline, research in phase 1 mainly focuses on competitors, aimed to get inspiration on product positioning, product value, and features.

Competitor research

As this is a new product line with limited resources and a tight timeline, research in phase 1 mainly focuses on competitors, aimed to get inspiration on product positioning, product value, and features.
Analysis on finance, investment, start-up information providers, and propose the positioning of "巨子 ICON". Not focus on the usability, but the value that could bring to the target audience.

UI development

Component and UI were developed with purpose to serve basic functions in phase 1 (MVP), including stock quote chart, news articles, watchlist, etc.
Part of screens for phase 1, aims to serve the basic function as a financial news provider.(However, as limitations on technical and data source issue, some of the functions could not be implemented, such as sector performance)
Eg. Accessibility is one of the concerns, color contrast checker had been used when building up the color palette, to ensure it fulfills WCAG guidelines.

Phase 2

My role
1. Mentorship
2. UXUI review and supervising
3. Research and propose suggestion on product direction
4. Flow and UI development (Control panel)

Credit to teammates:
Teresa Ho
Prisca Lee

Case //

User research on the investment behavior and media product usage


After entering the market for a couple of months, we would like to get some more concrete thoughts from users about finance media products, therefore we conducted user interviews in Feb - Mar 2021.

Questionnaire & screening

The screening section includes basic demographic data, and other two core parts,
  • 1. Investment behavior
    • Filter out advanced investment people or newbie
    • Understand their source of investment news
    • Their attitude towards the content source (PGC, UGC and Professional?)
    • Investment profile and content preference
  • 2. The practice of using finance media app
    • Time length and how often for using those apps
    • Competitor coverage
    • Feature preference
Screening on 60 participants, with results on their expectation on content, feature, and demand of socialization. (Part of)

User interview

Screening criteria were based on the score of social intention, investment frequency & amount, length & frequency of app daily usage.
Eventually, 10 participants had been invited as the interviewee for the user interview, which is more specific and drills deep into each of the interviewees, plus a few usability testing on some UI enhancement on the previous app version.
  • 1. Social intention
  • 2. Investment frequency and amount
  • 3. Length & frequency of app daily usage
10 candidates had been chosen after the screen and join our 1 on 1 user interview.

Interview report

A sharing section had been launched to stakeholders including suggestions and inspirations that had been come up throughout the research.

As an example, a core finding is that interviewees tend to seek investment tips and news via peer networks such as instant messenger groups or social media instead of typical news or columnist articles due to information diversity & spreading speed. This contributes a solid reason for resource allocation to socialization.
The user interview report gathered the interview progress, finding, and giving suggestions on the platform socialization stuff, and reading experience enhancement.

Follow up with product management

An interview report sharing section had been conducted with the team, including the product manager, engineers. Interview findings had been applied in planning new product features.
Prototype screens that we cooperated with the product manager for pitching purposes.
It's originally planned to involve a live chat function, and we expected this could increase the product value by introducing an extra revenue model to the business and strengthening the bonding between the platform and end-users.