HK01 App 3.0

App revamp project from v2 to v3


HK01 (香港01), a renowned local media company and news provider, has been operating its news app platform since the inception of the business. This revamp project involves upgrading the previous version (app 2.0) that was launched in March 2018.

My role

The key design representative of the revamp.


A tight timeline is certainly the first challenge that comes to mind, as this version was initiated only a few months after the previous version was launched. Consequently, there were overlaps between the two versions, resulting in an increased workload with tasks and design work being duplicated.
The most challenging aspects often arise from human factors, such as collaborating and negotiating with external parties to adopt new branding visual elements and striking a balance between promotional items and content. In addition to UI and collaboration concerns, another challenging aspect involves dealing with complex system logic and managing flow handling.
"The account-related functions have undergone significant expansion in app 3.0 compared to app 2.0. Here is an example use case of the account merge flow."

Design library & guideline

The revamp project serves as a starting point for me and the team to establish standardized practices for building UI, communication, and design-opts. This practice has been ongoing and extends to other digital products within HK01, becoming a long-lasting practice.

Study case//

Judging the requirement for synchronizing the menu (channel) structure for both web and app


Content on HK01 is grouped into 'channels' based on topics, while a 'zone' represents a collection of channels with similar themes. The web's index menu typically displayed the hierarchical structure of zones and channels, whereas the app menu blended the two since it was designed as a customized shortcut to user-selected channels.

In mid-2018, stakeholders proposed synchronizing the content menu (news channels/categories) between the app and web platforms.
On the web platform, the mega menu serves as an index function, providing users with an organized and hierarchical view of the content. It prominently displays the hierarchy between zones and channels, allowing users to navigate through different sections of the website with ease.


There is no absolute answer to the task as both "to do" and "not to do" approaches are reasonable. My role is to assess how this change would impact users and performance from a UX/UI perspective. The judgment is based on the following considerations:
By comparing the PV of the channel landing pages, it becomes evident that certain channels outperform their respective parent zones in terms of popularity. One hypothesis is that these channels possess a specific theme or topic that attracts readers who prefer to delve deeper into the content rather than obtaining a superficial understanding from the broader zone.

Assumption and suggestion

Despite the potential benefits of aligning the channel structure through synchronization between the web and app platforms, it is important to consider the potential consequences that may arise from this change,
The above assumptions suggest that it would be preferable for the menu to remain unchanged unless both zones and channels can be selected and displayed on the same level.