On/Off Ramp Implementation for Crypto.com Exchange

Streamlined crypto on/off ramp experience


Due to the technical restrictions of the existing convention, users are experiencing a relatively unstable and slow on-off ramp experience. To enhance this, the platform has partnered with Silvergate to eliminate the aforementioned barriers and improve performance at the infrastructure level. Additionally, a synthetic USD token has been introduced to the platform, aiming to provide a streamlined and simplified trading experience.

The project consists of two parts:
1. Silvergate Integration
2. USD Bundle & Trading Pairs

My role

1. Draft out the overall screen flows with checking logic
2. UI Implementation
3. Work close with stakeholders for smooth and efficient product iteration
4. Conduct and drive design audit (This is the first project that used to try on the design audit SOP)
Overall screen flow of fiat on-off ramp for worldwide retail users.

Part 1: Silvergate Integration


User perspective: Enjoy a more intuitive, stable, and faster deposit and withdrawal experience through the partnership with Silvergate bank.


Two main journeys have been implemented: Bank account setup, Fiat deposit & withdrawal.

Bank Account Set Up

The flow that every user would encounter at the beginning of fiat deposit/withdrawal. As this step is compulsory for new-to-fiat users, the key consideration is a seamless, easy, and understandable flow for the user.
Users are able to set up a bank account from their preferred transfer network. If none of the bank accounts had been set up before, this flow would be triggered after clicking on deposit fiat/ withdraw fiat.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Although these two parts are relatively straightforward and easier to understand compared to bank account setup, it is essential to pay attention to the way information is presented.
Users can choose to set up a bank account from their preferred bank transfer network.

Part 2: USD bundle & trading pairs


To streamline the on/off ramp process, we have introduced the synthetic USD token. This token allows users to directly trade, deposit, and withdraw assets in USD without the need for any conversion process.
Bundled stable coins are listed in the syntheic USD coin row that tells user the relationship in between.

Concept Behind

The synthetic USD coin is backed by fiat USD assets and all other USD stablecoin assets in a 1:1 ratio. This means that users can seamlessly trade, deposit, and withdraw assets in both crypto and fiat formats without the need for manual conversion. The exchange platform supports USD trading pairs, eliminating the requirement for users to manually convert their assets before engaging in trading activities. The same concept applies to depositing and withdrawing funds, providing users with a convenient and efficient experience.
My favorite functions is that user can directly withdraw assets in fiat, that simplify the off-ramp means user no longer need to convert crypto into fiat via classic ways such as P2P or bitcoin ATM.